Davidovic, Natasa / Наташа Давидович
3 года на сайте
Страна: Сербия
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golden.natasa@gmail.com, www.retrieversofgoldenduck.com
00381 64 470 16 , 00381 26 711 417

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I am qualified as an International FCI Judge/ working & field FCI Judge for the following groups & breeds: FCI Group VII -Pointing Dogs,Continental Pointing Dogs,British & Irish Pointers & Setters FCI Group VIII -Retrievers,Flushing Dogs,Water Dogs I have judged breeds from FCI Groups I II III V VI VII VIII IX at National Dog Shows,International Dog Shows-Cacib Shows,Championship Shows,Club Shows,Speciallity Breed Dog Shows.I award CC,CAC,GREEN STAR,CACIB,BOB,BEST in GROUP at all levels,BIS at the Club Shows and Speciallity Breed Dog Shows.I judged Best in Show all FCI Groups what I am qualified, I have stewarded at all levels. I am President of the Retriever Club Belgrade in Serbia,member of the comittee in Kennel Club of Serbia ksrs@yubc.net , member of GRC U.K. I judged widely across the globe including Australia,New Zealand,U.K. Italy a few times,Germany a few times,Belgium a few times & EURODOGSHOW Kortrijk,Leuven,Mechelen,Hungary a few times,Macedonia a few times,Serbia,Russia from Moscow,St Petersburg to Far East Vladivostok,Irkutsk Baikal Lake and many other places in Russia, judged ,Ireland,Finland,Ukraine a few times,Belarus ,EUROASIA in ,Romania,Luxembourg,France,Slovakia,Greece,Latvia,Poland,Estonia,Colombia etc...It was a great honour to judged at some big shows together with Frank Kane"EUROASIA",Terry Torn"EURODOGSHOW-BE" and with many other favorite names from Dogworld! I have Judged Golden Retriever breed shows at GRC Shows in Germany, Italy,A.I.G.R.C.Ireland,Latvia,Slovakia,in Russia at a few GRC Shows,Ukraine,NSWGRC Sydney,SGRC New Zealand,Retriever Club Show in Sweden,Norway etc... and at many Championship Shows in different countries!At most of Championship shows I judged all other Gundog breeds.I judged in 26 countries world wide International Championship shows, National & Speciality breed shows : 1. AUSTRALIA 2. NEW ZEALAND 3. U.K 4. SWEDEN 5. NORWAY 6. FINLAND 7. GERMANY 8. BELGIUM 9. LUXEMBOURG 10. FRANCE 11. ITALY 12. IRELAND 13. RUSSIA 14. BELARUS 15. ESTONIA 16. LATVIA 17. SLOVAKIA 18. HUNGARY 19. ROMANIA 20. GREECE 21. BOSNIA 22. MACEDONIA 23.POLAND 24.UKRAINE 25. SERBIA 26.COLOMBIA-South America I judged at many Field Trials as well Gundog Working test in many countries! Together with my husband Nenad Davidovic FCI International All Breed Judge/All Rounder for all 10 FCI Groups and all breeds (he started 1971.with English Pointers, and bred a few different Gundog breeds during the last 40 years) we owe,breed,work,show, and most of all LOVE golden Retrievers.We have made numerous Champions,International Champions,FT Champions,Junior warrant holders in breed etc… I am Swiss,married & living in Serbia for a long time! I graduated myself from 2 University,Pedagogy & Goethe University in Germany/German Language! I speak English,German,Russian,Serbian language! We have 2 daughters 26 & 27.
Davidovic, Natasa / Наташа Давидович
Сербия, Сербия
12/10/2014 - 04:52

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