Davidovic, Nenad / Ненад Давидович
4 года на сайте
Страна: Сербия
Я эксперт по породам:
I группа, II группа, III группа, IV группа, V группа, VI группа, VII группа, VIII группа, IX группа, X группа, Породы собак, не признанные FCI, Условно зарегистрированные породы
nenaddavidovic1959@yahoo.com, www.retrieversofgoldenduck.com
00381 26 711 417, 00381 64120 5188

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I am qualified as an International FCI All-Round Judge for the following groups & breeds: FCI Group I –All breeds FCI Group II-All breeds FCI Group III-All breeds FCI Group IV-ALL breeds FCI Group V- All breeds FCI Group VI - All breeds FCI Group VII -All breeds FCI Group VIII - All breeds FCI Group IX -All breeds FCI Group X-All breeds I am qualified as an International FCI Judge/ working & field FCI Judge for the following groups & breeds: FCI Group III-Terriers FCI Group IV- Dachunds FCI Group VI- Scenthounds,Leash Scent Hounds,Related breeds FCI Group VII -Pointing Dogs,Continental Pointing Dogs,British & Irish Pointers & Setters FCI Group VIII -Retrievers,Flushing Dogs,Water Dogs I have judged All Breeds from all FCI Groups at National Dog Shows,International Dog Shows-Cacib Shows,Championship Shows,Club Shows,Speciallity Breed Dog Shows.I award CAC,CACIB,BOB,BEST in GROUP at all levels,BEST BRACE,BEST BREEDERS GROUP,BEST IN SHOW BIS.I awarded CACT & CACIT on Field trials too. I have stewarded at all levels. I am the President of the kennel Club Gornji Milanovac more then 20 years,member of the comittee in kennel Club of Serbia ksrs@yubc.net , member of the komission for Judge students at Kennel Club of Serbia. I judged in many countries including ,Belgium EURODOGSHOW Kortrijk 2 x times,Hungary,Macedonia,Russia at all 11 zones from west to far east, EUROASIA in Moscow,Romania,Poland,Latvia,Belarus, Bosnia,Italy,Serbia,Slovakia,Hungary,Ukraine,Estonia, Spain,Denmark,Germany,France, Finland,Greece,Bulgary, Montenegro,Azerbijan ,Ireland,Indonesia,Colombia etc...! I celebrated in 2011. 40 years in Cinollogy,started 1971. with breeding Pointers. I bred different breeds from FCI groups 1st,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 during my cinollogy years! My big love are Irish Setters, which I bred during 80th years.Together with my wife Natasa Davidovic FCI Judge too,owner of the kennel “OF GOLDEN DUCK”Fci 4335 we own,breed,work,LOVE Golden Retrievers at last 20 years! We have made numerous Champions,International Champions,FT Champions.Junior warrant holders in breed etc.. I graduate myself from Geography University!
Davidovic, Nenad / Ненад Давидович
Сербия, Сербия
13/10/2014 - 09:15

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